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Mothers & Daughters

“The mother-daughter relationship is vitally important for both the mother and daughter. How they get on with each other affects both the mother’s and daughter’s self-worth as a person and woman.”

Rosjke is one of a few specialists in the world on the mother-daughter relationship.  

The mother-daughter relationship is a complex and emotionally intense relationship that is influenced by many factors. The changes since grandmother's day, sexism and ageism, limited choices and role expectations, and how mothers are seen as the only nurturer of the family, all influence how mothers and daughters feel about themselves and each other.

Mother-daughter couples counselling can help improve communication and understanding between mothers and daughters. Feeling heard by each other is a vital ingredient for mothers and daughters. Learning how to listen and truly hear each other are key tools to creating a loving, mutually supportive and empowering relationship.

Couples counselling with mothers and their adolescent (step)daughters can be especially helpful during what can be a difficult time for them. Adolescence is a time when the daughter is learning to become her own separate person and discover who she is. This process can be confusing and scary for both the mother and daughter. How problems and issues are dealt with and resolved during their critical developmental stage has implications for how the mother and daughter manage their relationship when the daughter is an adult.

Counselling, either individually or as a mother - (step)daughter couple helps with many common issues like –

Communication problems
Not understanding each other
Problems setting boundaries
Not feeling heard, accepted, loved, or respected
Feeling controlled or manipulated
Feeling unable to live your own life or make your own choices
Feeling used or abused
Unresolved past or generational wounds and experiences
Distant or estranged mothers and (step) daughters

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